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Renewable energy system – analysis, concept design, and specification

For many years the adoption of private renewable energy systems was simply out of reach for many companies. However, with greater awareness of climate change, carbon footprints, technology advancements and more flexible funding options the barriers to entry have been significantly reduced. A major component of this has been the significant improvement in battery technology which has allow customers to store the energy produced and use it when it is most advantageous to reduce their overall operational costs.

The Neo team is experienced in the design of multiple renewable energy technologies. These include solar, mini-hydro, wind, natural gas and bio-gas. To determine which system is best for a customer Neo undertakes a life cycle cost analysis of the available options to provide customers with the information they need to make a decision.

Neo has worked with clients identifying renewable opportunities, analysing the feasibility of the solutions and developing detailed business cases to justify the opportunity.

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