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Since 2005, the Neo team have undertaken numerous projects involving SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and telemetry. Our capabilities and experience span from investigating and resolving issues in existing systems to the specification, design and commissioning of new SCADA platforms and telemetry network rollouts.

Our experience is that many SCADA and telemetry systems currently in use are: older legacy systems that are at end-of-life; undocumented; lack standardisation; and are reliant on 1-2 capable contractors to maintain operability. As such many clients are unaware of the needs and costs to upgrade these systems until a significant failure occurs. The increasing requirement for accurate and deterministic data for regulatory compliance reporting places additional demands on these systems.

The term SCADA is varyingly used to describe part or all of a complex multi-layered monitoring system which spans from top level operator displays and data reporting tools, through communication networks down to sensors in the field. This can cause misunderstanding when errors occur in the system resulting in wasted operations or maintenance resource time and ultimately delaying the fault diagnosis ultimately putting service to customers at risk.

As a result, Neo has successfully developed strategies to enable staged upgrade and migration of these systems. Staging removes the overwhelming nature of undertaking a complete system implementation or upgrade. It also provides a great framework for explaining the requirements to non-electrical stakeholders.

We have worked with many organisations across New Zealand providing the full range of vendor independent advice on SCADA and control systems. With this experience we have developed standard analysis and presentation tools to aid in the understanding of the way to approach the upgrade and maintenance of these complex systems.

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