In the world of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), change is the only constant. Yet, in the midst of transformation, Neo Consulting’s SCADA model, conceived in 2014, stands as a testament to our vision and leadership in control system engineering solutions.

A decade ago, we recognised the need for a framework to simplify the complexities of SCADA systems for our clients. We found the term SCADA was being used too casually to describe the entire system, from field sensor to alarm text message. This can cause misunderstandings within an organisation when a failure occurs (as the failure reported is often simplified to “the SCADA failed”). This means operations or maintenance staff may spend too much time looking at the wrong part of the system due to their own interpretation of what SCADA means.

Our model, structured into nine distinct layers, ranging from physical wiring to control philosophy, was an innovation ahead of its time. This approach arranged the system into layers that allowed both technical and non-technical people to visualise the system and understand how all the parts interrelated. Over time, it has also evolved to include broader aspects of SCADA systems management and risk mitigation.

Recently, the International Society of Automation (ISA) has proposed a new SCADA standard (ISA112), one that echoes the structure we at Neo Consulting have implemented and refined over the years. The draft, although still under revision, aligns closely with the philosophy we’ve long espoused: a layered approach that is easy to visualise, maximises efficiency, and enhances system manageability.

While the industry celebrates the emergence of this standard, we at Neo are humbled to see our approach reflected in these global benchmarks. It reinforces our commitment to being at the forefront, not just in compliance, but in contribution to the field.

In a visual comparison of Neo’s SCADA model with the ISA’s draft standard, the foresight of our approach is evident. Neo’s layered model aligns with the latest ISA draft under consideration. This visual alignment speaks volumes, illustrating that the industry is now embracing what we at Neo Consulting have been practising for years.

As this draft standard moves toward approval, we look forward to the opportunities it presents and also integrating it into our offering for further enhancement to our clients. 

Neo Consulting remains dedicated to not only keeping pace with industry standards but also setting them. As we continue to innovate and deliver premium electrical and control system engineering solutions, we take pride in knowing that what was once a pioneering effort will soon become the industry standard.