The existing Tanker Clean-In-Place (CIP) facility at Westland Milk Products provided a great opportunity for Westland to remove the ageing diesel boilers as part of their decarbonisation strategy. Operating with non-environmentally friendly diesel heaters for water heating, the ageing plant required either significant upgrades or an entirely new replacement system. Vertex Engineers spearheaded the design of a cutting-edge solution, utilising two electrical heaters to replace the diesel heaters, and enlisting Neo Consulting to lead the electrical design, management, and commissioning aspects of the project.

Unveiling CIP’s Significance:

Maintaining impeccable hygiene standards is paramount in the dairy industry. Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) involves a precise orchestration of water rinses and chemical solutions to sanitise plants and equipment. This meticulous process ensures that all surfaces in contact with the product meet consistently high sanitation standards. Automating CIP operations through the use of pumps and instrumentation guarantees precise chemical application and thorough solution removal, safeguarding both production efficiency and end product quality.

The Essence of a Tanker CIP Facility:

A tanker CIP facility plays a crucial role in dairy operations. It guarantees that each milk tanker departing the factory has undergone a comprehensive sanitation cycle before embarking on its journey. This pivotal procedure instils confidence in the factory’s operations, ensuring that incoming milk is received in pristine condition from the farmers.

Neo’s Role and Expertise:

In collaboration with Vertex Engineers, Neo Consulting took on a multifaceted role, orchestrating a transformational upgrade which included:

  • – Designing a robust main switchboard.
  • – Devising layouts for MCC rooms, cable ladders, and cable routes.
  • – Crafting comprehensive designs for motors, PLCs, UPS, instrumentation, and controls.
  • – Illuminating the facility through thoughtful building services lighting and power solutions.
  • – Managing scopes of work, tender processes, and sub-contractor coordination.
  • – Ensuring meticulous construction close-out and punch listing.
  • – Exemplifying meticulous on-site planning and executing seamless electrical commissioning.

Through this collaborative effort, the new Tanker CIP facility at Westland Milk Products stands as a beacon of innovation and hygiene excellence with diesel heaters being replaced with efficient electrical heaters. This ensures both eco-friendliness and operational efficiency.

“For the Westland tanker CIP project, Vertex had to be competitive to win the tender, and we had to deliver a robust, automated tanker wash system for tanker drivers to use 24/7. Tyler MacLeod at Neo supported us with electrical design and specifications that brought our process design and control ideas to life, and also met our customer’s requirements in a practical, fit-for-purpose way. Tyler’s design concepts and detailed specifications were well understood by our subcontractors and we all enjoyed working together. The end result was success for everyone, especially our customer.”

    • – Greg Fahey, General Manager – Vertex Engineers

Neo’s prowess in electrical design and project management seamlessly integrated with Vertex Engineers’ engineering expertise, redefining dairy hygiene protocols and setting new standards for the industry.