Explosions and fires pose significant risks in industries where combustible substances are present. At Neo, we are committed to addressing these risks through one of our specialisations: hazardous area design. Our comprehensive solutions prioritise safety and compliance, ensuring the well-being of personnel and the protection of assets within industrial operations.

Understanding the Challenge
In various sectors like petrochemical, mining, chemical handling, and more, combustible materials are prevalent. Many liquids, gases, and dusts generated, processed, and stored can become explosive under certain conditions. This necessitates a careful approach to designing electrical installations within these hazardous areas.

Our Expertise in Action
At Neo, our skilled and certified electrical engineers are well-versed in hazardous area electrical design, equipment specification, and general installation requirements. With a keen focus on safety, our team meticulously plans electrical systems to mitigate ignition risks. This expertise extends to recommending appropriate electrical equipment and instruments that adhere to safety standards.

Prioritising Safety and Compliance
Safety is the cornerstone of our hazardous area design service. By collaborating closely with clients, we ensure that our solutions not only meet regulatory requirements but also align with the unique needs of each facility.

Comprehensive Support
Neo’s commitment doesn’t stop at design. We provide site support during construction and commissioning phases, ensuring that the installation adheres to design standards and safety protocols. Moreover, our capability to collate all necessary documentation streamlines inspection and sign-off processes.

As one of New Zealand’s leaders in electrical engineering solutions, we are dedicated to safeguarding your industrial facility through our expertise in hazardous area design. Partner with Neo to navigate the complexities of hazardous areas and ensure a safer industrial environment.