We are pleased to announce that Neo Consulting has been confirmed as a Professional Development Partner with Engineering New Zealand. This means that Engineering New Zealand is satisfied that Neo has the training and development programmes in place to support the professional development of our engineers.

At Neo we see investing in our people’s skills and professional development as a critical part of our business. Our vision is to have the best engineers providing value and quality solutions to our clients. A key element of this is ongoing training, development and support in professional development.

Neo’s professional development programme underpins our graduate development programme. This provides graduates with the confidence that they are joining an organisation that has a strong commitment to their growth as professional engineers. Each year we take on at least one graduate into our graduate development programme. This ensures that we have an ongoing stream of homegrown and trained team members.

Engineering New Zealand Professional Development Partner, Leanne Asher comments “The Professional Partner quality mark reflects a significant commitment from organisations to the ongoing training and development of engineers in New Zealand. It’s great to see specialist engineering firms like Neo putting the considerable effort required in to achieving this milestone.”

Neo Director Nigel Stevenson comments “Being a Professional Development Partner recognises our commitment to the development and training of our team. We see this formal commitment not only provides benefit to the future of our business but also provides benefit to the engineering community in New Zealand. As a 100% New Zealand owned business our involvement in the engineering community through both Engineering New Zealand and the Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand (ACENZ) is a way that we can support the development of engineering within this country”.