Written by General Manager – Advisory; Dominic Hollewand

Five years ago the team at Neo were a group of highly skilled electrical and control systems engineers delivering detailed design and operational support for largely industrial and three waters clients. Detailed electrical and control system design were our bread and butter and we were excellent at it.

Neo were the team you called upon if you needed certainty that a project would be delivered on time and to a standard that was appropriate to your business context. Neo also had great knowledge of operational aspects, whether it be black starts that failed to start or control valves that failed to close.

Over the last few years there has been a change, an evolution. Years of careful recruitment, project experience, and on the job training has resulted in a team with a capability much wider than just the ability to deliver outstanding detailed designs (although that is still deeply embedded in the DNA).

With our people having years of experience as both asset owners and assisting clients with project delivery, the team at Neo understands the client’s context.  We know what adds value to an organisation in terms of design and project delivery. We understand the allocation of risk and what it means to a client’s staff to be faced with an inoperable plant in the middle of the night.

This capability, tempered through the delivery of projects over a 20-year period, project commissioning, failure reviews, and system ownership, has resulted in a team that is capable of offering advisory services such as:

  • – procurement advice
  • – contract selection and formation support
  • – market approach services (tendering and evaluation)
  • – commercial management
  • – project management
  • – asset management
  • – risk and opportunity management
  • – change management.

Our services are now being sought in a range of industries and clients are finding that our people, relationships and experience are adding value far beyond what our founder would have hoped for  five years ago. Our company values of Teamwork, Client Centred, Professional, and Balance are as fresh today as they were back at our start and guide the way we help each other to help our clients. 

For more information about our advisory services please contact Dominic Hollewand, General Manager – Advisory.