At Neo, one of our most important core values is based on inclusive leadership. We believe that by providing a welcoming and strong company culture, we can help to cultivate the next generation of electrical engineers. As a mid-sized specialist consultancy, recruitment and retaining our company culture is of utmost importance, as it influences how we operate from the ground up.

This month our Senior Leadership team consisting of Nigel Stevenson, Richie Murray, Scott Wilson and Dominic Hollewand, sat down to discuss what strong, pragmatic leadership means to them, and how it influences the culture at Neo – especially during a time of pandemic.

The last few years have introduced a number of new challenges for business. To address these the Neo team made sure to place a focus on company culture and looking after the team. We strongly believe that by cultivating an excellent atmosphere for our team, we can ensure the continued success of the company from the inside out.

Retaining a company culture during the COVID pandemic has had its challenges. Juggling a workload remotely, being required to individually deliver work while also leading from the front can at times be an overwhelming task to get right. By sharing some good leadership insights and reflections such as “park your ego at the door”, “be a friend and mentor to the team” and the most important; “empathise and humanise”, has helped us to keep our company culture on track. As a leadership team we each bring our own individual styles, which we are still cultivating and growing. Together, our styles combine to provide a cohesive approach to our leadership team.

Neo is a mid-sized electrical engineering consultancy as opposed to a large corporate, so the team’s passion for electrical engineering really shines through, and within that process allows them to have the opportunity to experiment within other areas of electrical engineering. As a leadership team we encourage our engineers to challenge themselves, dig deeper into their fields of interest and to really harness their qualifications to deliver technical excellence as well as pragmatic and reliable solutions.

So what does the future look like for Neo? It’s all hands on deck while the company continues to grow. Keep an eye out for our next article on The Future of Electrical Engineering, in which we discuss how 2022 is shaping up for the industry. There are some interesting things afoot, and the Neo team are excited to be involved and share their thoughts on the year ahead.